Cookie v3.5.1 is available in the Mac App Store, and on my servers now.

here are the changes:

  • Advanced Cookie Definitions window tweaks
  • Localization fixes
  • fixed dynamic updating of Chrome/Chromium Flash cookies
  • fixed a rare crash in the Database tab
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Store down for a couple of days….

So as i was boarding a flight to New Zealand to visit my son for his birthday yesterday, i discovered my Store was down! It seems my host changed their mySQL implementation and managed to bork my Store….

for anyone interested, the Store runs on a custom PotionStore (Rails) app, which accesses a mySQL database. previously i was accessing the database using mySQL2, however after Bluehost “tweaked” the server my store is hosted on it started throwing errors….

I tried to migrate to postgreSQL, but had nothing but problems, so as a last resort (after around 10 hrs of pulling my hair out) i tried using mySQL instead of mySQL2, and low and behold the Store started right up!

happy days!

i hope no one was put off purchasing any of my apps by the downtime. The SweetP Store is now back online and ready for business.


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Cookie, Invisible,Hides Privacy Bundle

Hey guys,
I have created a new bundle option to save you all some $$ when purchasing my apps. You can use the coupon code: PRIVACY to get Cookie, Invisible and Hides for $19.98. you save $2.99, effectively getting Hides for free!

  • Go to the SweetP Store
  • Select 1 copy each of Cookie, Invisible and Hides for purchase
  • Apply the Coupon code: PRIVACY
  • Select your payment method, and click Continue
  • Happy Days! Your discount will be applied before you purchase


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crypto coin payments

Ive spent the day fixing the Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin payments system in my website. It wasn’t always pretty working in Ruby, as its not a language im super confident (or even mildly competent in …) but I got there in the end. The coin payments system is now better and more efficient than ever.

and don’t forget, you can use this coupon code:

for a 20% discount on any crypto coin purchase through my store:


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Invisible v1.5 update

Invisible version 1.5 is available now in the Mac App Store or in the SweetP Store.

The update is relatively minor, but I recommend all users update when you get the chance.Here are the latest changes

  • updated copyright
  • removed some erroneous log messages
  • added a ratings button (Mac App Store version only)


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Hides v2.0 and USBclean v1.0.5

Hides version 2.0 is available now in the Mac App Store or in the SweetP Store.

Hides v2.0 is the same app you all love ,with a new modern and fresh look!
Hides is useful for effortlessly clearing your desktop in one quick keystroke, or quickly enable Single App Mode for a distraction free work environment.

Single App Mode is exactly what you think it would be. only one app is in focus at one time on your desktop. Whenever you change to another app, all other apps are hidden from view leaving your entire focus for that one app.

USBclean version 1.0.5 is also available exclusively in the Mac App Store.

It is a relatively minor update, with only an update to the copyright notice, and I’ve added a ratings button for shameless self promotion.

Don’t forget folks, if you like my apps, please leave a review in the App Store!

and if you don’t like one of my apps for some reason, let me know!
send me an email by visiting my contact page, or using the feedback menu which is included in some of my apps.


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Privatus 3.1

Privatus v3.1 is now available in the Mac App Store

it is quite a big update, and I recommend all users upgrade when possible. v3.1 fixes the threat of HSTS super cookies, just as the Cookie v3.5 upgrade did last week. Privatus has the same limitation as Cookie however, in that the computer must be restarted to finalise removal of HSTS for Safari…. all other browsers the removal is immediate, and no restart is required. Lets hope Apple fixes this vulnerability in Safari. :)

heres the list of changes for those that are interested:

  • HSTS super cookie removal in FireFox,Chrome,Chromium,Opera (Computer needs to be restarted for Safari HSTS removal…)
  • it is now optional to keep Privatus Worker running after Privatus has been quit (“Keep me protected at all times” has been added as an option in Preferences”)
  • added a user notice when opening MenuBar for the first time
  • fixed cache removal
  • fixed info button
  • updated copyright and credits
  • removed some debugging console messages
  • added a ratings button
  • upgrade button now opens link directly in Mac App Store
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Cookie v3.5 update and HSTS super cookies

Cookie v3.5 is available now, on my servers, and in the Mac App Store for updating.

This is quite an important security update, and I recommend everyone update as soon as possible.

here are the official changes:

  • fixed removal of HSTS supercookies and cache in Firefox,Chrome,Chromium,Opera (HSTS now cleared when cache is cleared) **Computer needs to be restarted for HSTS to be reset in Safari**
  • fixed Safari cache removal
  • Safari TopSites history now correctly removed
  • updated copyright

As most of us are know aware, HSTS support in browsers has been found to be an easy way of fingerprinting users, causing a potential privacy issue. you can read all about it here:

v3.5 of Cookie *completely eliminates these cookies in Chrome/Firefox/Chromium, and Opera. HSTS removal in Safari support on Yosemite, kinda works…. but with a hugely annoying method of finalising the removal…. you need to restart your browser…..

I have sent Apple a bug report, and surprisingly received a reply from them saying that they are looking into it!

so hopefully Apple will provide a way of deleting these without restarting your computer, just like every other modern browser.


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eMail Address Extractor v1.8

So quite a glaring bug was discovered in the way eMail Address Extractor processes Apple Mail elm files….
this has been fixed in v1.8, and I took the opportunity to make some other improvements:

  • fixed AppleMail parsing
  • directories can also now be parsed
  • updated copyright

Im actually most excited about the addition of now being able to parse entire directories! so rather than having t drop a collection of individual files into eAe, you can know just add the containing directory. This is much more practical.

eMail Adress Extractor v1.8 can be downloaded immediately from my servers:

v1.7.1 is on the Mac App Store, and the v1.8 update will land there after Apple has time to review it. This should be early next week.

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HSTS SuperCookies and Cookie, Privatus

so it seems a new privacy threat has been discovered, if you haven’t heard yet, you can read all about it here:

I have been working all week on this, and now have both Cookie and Privatus removing this new threat. I have removal working on FireFox,Chrome,Chromium and Opera. The obvious omission here is Safari….. while HSTS cookies are already removed in the current versions of Cookie and Privatus, Safari is somehow restoring the data from iCloud?

I haven’t figured out a way to tell Safari to finalise removal of the HSTS cookies, and the only reliable way is to restart your computer!….. obviously this is not an ideal solution, but it seems as though it is the only way right now… Ill keep looking into this and hopefully find a more agreeable solution. But in the meantime, for the benefit of all Cookie and Privatus users I have uploaded Cookie v3.5, and Privatus v3.1 to Apple for review. Hopefully the review process will be swift, and you’ll have the updates available before the week is out.

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