20% off any software purchase when paying in Doge, BTC or LTC!

hey guys,
use the following Coupon:

in my store:
for 20% off any purchase.

*this coupon is only valid for Doge/BTC/LTC purchases.

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Litecoin payments, and Bitcoin Convert iOS app

We now accept payments from Litecoin! also Bitcoin, Dogecoin and PayPal.
SweetP Productions - Litecoin payments

and also, introducing Bitcoin Convert, a new free iOS Bitcoin to currency converter:

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Doge Convert, and Litecoin Convert – new free iOS apps

introducing Litecoin Convert, a new free iOS Litecoin to currency converter: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/litecoin-convert/id859751028?ls=1&mt=8

and, Doge Convert, also a free iOS Dogecoin to currency converter:

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Critical flaw in Bitcoin payments

I spent the last 24hrs fixing a bug in my bitcoin payment handling. Anyone who has recently made a bitcoin payment should contact me, so I can generate a new license for you.
Sorry for any inconvenience

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Hi guys,

I am heading to Nepal for 3 weeks to trek in the Himalayas, and therefore won’t be available for any support queries… hopefully, no-one will have any serious issues in this time, I will have limited internet access for the first couple days, and then again in early April.

See you all in a few weeks time!

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Dogecoin payments are now accepted!

SweetP Productions - Dogecoin now accepted!
We now accept payments from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and PayPal!

it’s now much easier to buy our apps!

Much options!
Such Wow

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Bitcoin payments are now accepted

SweetP Productions - Bitcoin now accepted!
Its getting hard to ignore crypto currencies right now, so I’ve spent the past few days implementing a Bitcoin payment system into my store.

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Cookie 3.0.28 update

Cookie 3.0.28 available now, with Firefox Aurora support:

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Meta v.2.0.14 updated for Mavericks 10.9.2

SweetP Productions - Meta Icon
Meta v.2.0.14 has been updated for Mail 7.2, and is available at my site now:
SweetP Productions

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Cookie v3.0.27 update

Cookie v3.0.27 is available now:

List of changes/fixes:
fixed: menu display when wizard is open
fixed: miscellaneous crashes
fixed: copyright string
updated: SQLite to v3.8.3

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