SafariRestore 7.1.2

Hi guys,

I have just updated SafariRestore to v7.1.2, and it includes a couple of important updates:

  • SafariRestore now does not save tabs when PrivateBrowsing is enabled!
  • External links are now opened correctly when Safari is closed

I encourage everyone to update to the latest version, and you can do so via the Extensions tab, within Safari Preferences.


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Invisible v1.6

Invisible has been updated to v1.6 and is available now on the Mac App Store, and on the SweetP servers.’

For all those running the Trial version, please unhide all your documents BEFORE upgrading, as v1.6 is now sandboxed just like the MAS version. What this means is that v1.6 is incompatible with version 1.5’s database, and won’t see any files you may have already hidden!

This is inconvenient i know, but it had to be done really, Invisible is now more secure, and there is an easy migration from trial to MAS version.


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Cookie v4.2

Cookie v4.2 is available now, and fixes a number of issues people have been having with v4.1. you can get it now, from the Mac App Store, or my very own SweetP site.

it is a an important update with a number of fixes/improvements, and I recommend everyone to update.

  • Re-added option to Remove on Quit
  • Better feedback while Data is being removed (10.9+)
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed Remove All UnWanted Data button (Preferences Tab)
  • Fixed non-removal of some data
  • Fixed display of Browser Access overlay
  • Fixed potential loss of Whitelist/Blacklist cookies
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed Remove on Quit
  • Code cleanup
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WiFiSpoof v2.1.1

hey guys,

Ive just released a minor update to WiFiSpoof.
It fixes an annoying bug where multiple authentication windows may display when using the Timer to randomise your MAC Address.

you can grab the update via the “Check for Updates” menu, or via my site:
SweetP Productions – WiFiSpoof v2.1.1 update


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eMail Address Extractor v1.9

I have updated eMail Address Extractor, and added a much requested feature.

It took me a while to get around to it… but there is now a file progress indicator, so you have at least an idea of how long an extraction operation may still run for.

v1.9 is available in the Mac App Store on on my servers now.


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Cookie v4.1

Hey guys,

Cookie 4.1 is available now on my servers and in the Mac App Store. Updating the code to version 4+ has had its troubles, ill admit that, but v4.1 should bring the stability back to Cookie you’ve all come to expect. It is a huge improvement over v3.5.1 as far as performance is concerned, and everyone should update as soon as possible. It is a Free update, so what are you waiting for!

here is the list of changes/fixes:

  • perfomance improvements
  • memory improvements
  • menu responsiveness improvements
  • better parsing of cookie/databases domain names
  • fixed non favourite cookie count when blacklist/whitelisted cookies are present
  • fixed databases non favourite count when “Treat all Browser Extensions as Favourites” is checked”
  • fixed an issue with Databases in non-english versions
  • fixed favouriting of Chrome/Chromium Browser Extensions
  • fixed a potential crash when upgrading from an older version of Cookie
  • fixed cookie count in French localization
  • fixed some miscellaneous crashes
  • removed option to clear data when Cookie Quits
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SafariRestore v7.1 update

Hey guys, Ive released SafariRestore v7.1 for Safari.
A handy (Free!) session manager for those of you who haven’t heard of it before. I have added a couple of new useful features:

  • Added Autosave feature
  • Added contextual menu for duplicating sessions
  • Fixed placement of dragged sessions
  • Removed unnecessary (Windows) code
  • Slight ui tweaks

When I get some more spare time, I do have more features i’d like to add.

you can grab SafariRestore from here:

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I submitted my first commit to my GitHub repository (fork) today!

this is the open-source Rails app I use to power my online store. I recently spent time upgrading it to support Rails4, and figured others would find the changes useful.

Development has ceased over at the official repository, but its served me so well over the past 4yrs, and I wanted to give a little love back to the open-source community.


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updated Privacy bundle

Hey guys,
I have updated the Privacy bundle.
You still use the same coupon code PRIVACY:
but now you get Cookie, WiFiSpoof and Invisible for $24.98. saving $4.99, effectively getting Invisible for free!

Go to the SweetP Store
Select 1 copy each of Cookie, WiFiSpoof and Invisible for purchase
Apply the Coupon code: PRIVACY
Select your payment method, and click Continue
Happy Days! Your discount will be applied before you purchase

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WiFiSpoof 2.0

WiFiSpoof v2.0 is now available!

I have tweaked and updated the UI to make it more appealing and user friendly.
To make my life easier with support, it is now only supported on OS X Mavericks(10.9) and above (out with the old… and looking towards the future)

A much requested feature was the ability to run WiFiSpoof as a stand-alone app, I have listened to all the requests, and finally added this ability. So you can now quickly open WiFiSpoof – randomise your MAC address, then quit. This work-flow works well for some users.

If you’re using your laptop on public WiFi networks, you really should be using WiFiSpoof.

you can take it for a free 14day test-drive, after which it will still be fully functioning… you just won’t have the ability to use the handy randomise function, or be able to automatically revert to your MAC hardware address.

Cheers guys!

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