USBclean v1.0.4

I have updated USBclean to v1.0.4. Its a minor update but everyone should update.
The log now adds new entries to the top, rather than the bottom. this improves readability, and it should have probably been this way from the beginning. Thanks, James for the feedback.

you can get USBclean here:
USBclean in the Mac App Store

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Black Friday Sale

Hey guys, to celebrate the holiday in the U.S, I’ve got some great savings for you all:

Cookie is available for a limited time at only $2.99!
Cookie only $2.99 in the Mac App Store

Invisible is also available for only 99c!
Invisible only 99c in the Mac App Store

Happy Holidays

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USBclean v1.0.3 update

USBclean v1.0.3 is now available in the Mac App Store.

I recommend everyone updating to this version. Its not a critical release, but improves startup behaviour, and some issues when restarting your computer.

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Cookie v3.3.3 update

Cookie v3.3.3 is available now in the Mac App Store, and on my own servers.

here are the list of changes:

  • fixed remove all Chrome data menu button
  • fixed Hide window at login
  • fixed menu availablibilty at launch
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Cookie v3.3.1 serious bug

Hi guys,

A serious flaw has been found in v3.3.1, which can lead to the loss of all Firefox bookmarks!
The bug only affects Firefox users. but I recommend avoiding this update if possible.

I have updated the build on my servers to v3.3.2 for all users who have purchased through my site, and this version includes the fix.

v3.3.2 has also been uploaded to Apple for review,and an expedited review has been requested. Hopefully it will also be available in the Mac App Store shortly.

sorry for any inconvenience this update may have caused.

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cookie v3.3.1

Cookie 3.3.1 is available now:
Mac App Store
SweetP Store

Here are the list of changes:

  • fixed recent searches removal
  • fixed cache removal
  • fixed window opening at login
  • fixed firefox history removal
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Invisible v1.3

Invisible v1.3 has been released and ready for download on the Mac App Sore, and on my own servers:
Invisible on the Mac App Store
Invisible in the SweetP Store

SweetP Productions - Invisible icon

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Safari Cookies v2.0

I have just released v2.0 of Safari Cookies and it fixes removal of the Safari Cache in Yosemite.
you can grab the update here:

*NOTE: Cookie and Privates users don’t need this!

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Cookie v3.3

SweetP Productions - new Cookie Icon!
I have updated Cookie to v3.3, and it should now be fully Yosemite ready!
I also took the opportunity to update the UI to better fit with Yosemite’s flatter look.
you can update from the usual places:

heres the full list of changes:

  • new icon
  • ui tweaks
  • code optimisations
  • fixed some timer issues
  • fixed cache menu availability
  • fixed command-tab behaviour
  • fixed command-A behaviour
  • fixed a potential crash
  • fixed dark menubar icon on Yosemite
  • fixed a memory leak
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Privatus v2.0

I have updated Privatus to v2.0.
Nothing new has been added, but it has undergone a much needed major UI overhaul. Privatus 2.0 is ready for Yosemite.

everyone should update as soon as possible, to avoid any headaches when upgrading to Yosemite.

SweetP Productions - Privatus new icon

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