Website UI update

hey guys,

With the imminent release of Yosemite, I figured it was time for a site refresh. I haven’t done anything major, just a minor tweak really. but I think the new sharper UI fits in better with the look of Yosemite.

take a look, and let me know what you think:

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Google Analytics

so, Ive removed Google Analytics from all my websites. (hopefully… if anyone finds a page with the tracking script still enabled, please let me know)

It was a bit hypocritical of me to have tracking code on my site, and be selling a tool which deletes it!

So with a little luck it is now gone from my site, to be honest, I never even actually looked at any of the data it collected!

Im sure Google has enough data already.

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Introducing USBclean

I have a brand new app for you all!
SweetP Productions - USBclean icon
Quickly and easily remove pesky junk and ghost files from your external Windows formatted USB drives.

Its ready for Yosemite, only 99c on the Mac App Store and is available now:

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more Yosemite updates

ColorWell, Hides and ScreenSaverStart have now also been updated with full Yosemite compatibilty!

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Yosemite Updates

DesktopUtility and WiFiSpoof, are now fully compatible with Yosemite!

Dark-mode is now working!
All other MAS apps have also been updated, and are currently waiting for review with Apple, with the exception of Cookie, which has a few other fixes/improvements which I want included in the next release.

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ScreenSaver Start v1.0.3 update

ScreenSaver Start has been updated to v1.0.3 and includes the following fixes:

  • fixed startup behaviour
  • fixed command-Q/W behaviour

you will find the update in the Mac App Store.

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ColorWell 1.0.6 update

ColorWell has been updated to version 1.0.6
changes include:

  • UI improvements
  • fixed UI issues on Yosemite
  • fixed startup behaviour
  • fixed Command-W,Command-Q behaviour

you can get the latest ColorWell update from the Mac App Store

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DesktopUtility 1.4.2 update

DesktopUtility has been updated to version 1.4.2:

I have fixed the startup behaviour, and the command-Q,command-W behaviour to be more consistent with Mac OS.

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Hides 1.1.2 update

Hides has been updated to v1.1.2, and fixes the command-W, command-Q behaviour of the app. It now is consistent with the standard Mac OS behaviour. for example, when either key command is invoked, Hides now will not be the current active app.

Hides 1.1.2 is available immediately on my store, and will be available in the Mac App Store sometime next week:
SweetP Store
Mac App Store

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Yosemite & SweetP Productions apps

so I quickly tested all my apps on Yosemite public Beta 2, and so far so good!
All apps seem to work well, with the following UI exceptions:
Colorwell: the preferences window is transparent
Privatus: the MenuBar does not update as it should

I should have these small issues fixed, and ready by Yosemite’s public launch.

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