DesktopUtility 1.4.2 update

DesktopUtility has been updated to version 1.4.2:

I have fixed the startup behaviour, and the command-Q,command-W behaviour to be more consistent with Mac OS.

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Hides 1.1.2 update

Hides has been updated to v1.1.2, and fixes the command-W, command-Q behaviour of the app. It now is consistent with the standard Mac OS behaviour. for example, when either key command is invoked, Hides now will not be the current active app.

Hides 1.1.2 is available immediately on my store, and will be available in the Mac App Store sometime next week:
SweetP Store
Mac App Store

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Yosemite & SweetP Productions apps

so I quickly tested all my apps on Yosemite public Beta 2, and so far so good!
All apps seem to work well, with the following UI exceptions:
Colorwell: the preferences window is transparent
Privatus: the MenuBar does not update as it should

I should have these small issues fixed, and ready by Yosemite’s public launch.

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Cookie promo at MacZot

I have A promo running today.
get Cookie for only $7.50!
1 day only!
August 08 2014

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Ive just updated my server to use CloudFlare, so you all should hopefully see faster load times for

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Bitcoin,Litecoin and Dogecoin payments

So…. I’ve finished the migration of my store backend payments system over to Ive run some tests, and it all seems to work well. better even than before!

so to celebrate, I’ve extended the crypto coin discount!
use the following Coupon Code:

and receive a 20% discount on any Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin purchases.


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Cookie 3.2.2

Cookie 3.2.2 is available now.

heres the changes:

  • fixed Command-H, Command-W, Command-Q behaviour
  • fixed hotkey’s
  • fixed window closing behaviour
  • fixed cache menu availablility
  • fixed Remove All UnWanted Data menu availability
  • fixed removal of Safari Cache
  • fixed Chrome issues
  • Yosemite support
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Dogecoin payments

With the shutting down of dogeapi, doge payments have been down for about a week. I’ve migrated my store Over to using, and it works so well I’m considering migrating bitcoin, and litecoin payments there too.

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Cookie v3.2.1

Cookie v3.2.1 is available on my servers now, and will follow in the coming days on the Mac App Store.

it is not a critical update, just some ui inconsistencies that crept into v3.2. Those who use the timer will benefit upgrading from 3.2.

sorry for the confusion for MAS users, your update will be available soon.

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Cookie v3.2

Cookie v3.2 is available now on my servers:
SweetP Productions
and in the
Mac App Store

It is quite a big update, and I recommend all users update as soon as possible.

Here is the list of changes/fixes:

  • fixed crash introduced in v3.1
  • fixed display of Flash/Databases
  • fixed Timer settings
  • fixed settings in First Run view
  • fixed Chrome/Chromium import
  • fixed removal of all data from Preferences
  • fixed menu availability
  • improved speed/memory/CPU usage
  • improved menu display (if a browser is currently active, removal options will now show for that browser)
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