Privatus Free for a limited time, and Cookie update v5.0.12

Privatus is available for free for a short time now on the Mac App Store!

Also, Cookie v5.0.12 is availabe now on the SweetP Store, and in the Mac App Store, everyone should update as soon as possible.
It fixes a spelling error, and some potential issues with changing browser settings.

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Cookie Beta v5.0.11.2

This version fixes an error with changing of browser removal settings, and also corrects a silly spelling mistake.

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Cookie v5.0.11

Heres the changes for the newest release of Cookie:

  • updated Sparkle framework
  • changed window closing behaviour to be more standard
  • fixed some crashes


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new Cookie Beta v5.0.10.4

Ive just uploaded a new Beta which fixes a couple of rare crashes:

please send me all your crash reports so I can weed out all the bugs!

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Cookie beta v5.0.10.2

Ive just uploaded a new Beta (v5.0.10.2), with an update to the Sparkle updating Framework, and updated Open At Login code. Hopefully this build fixes all the issues people are having with updating, and starting at login…

The Beta is available here:

and the relevant thread in the Support forums is here:

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Cookie v5.0.10

another day another update.
you may be wondering why there is another update so soon after the last, well its a combination of factors – I have some spare time at the moment, this update was too good to hold on to, and the Apple review was so quick its not funny… 2hrs from upload to release in fact – crazy!

so what was so good it couldn’t wait?
well I had an email from a user a couple of days ago, about some performance hits they were seeing with the latest version (5.0.9 at that point) and it lead me down the path of reviewing some old code. Well it seems it was a great idea, as I managed to make some very minor code adjustments which produced some huge performance benefits! I couldn’t wait to get this out to all of you, so I uploaded it to Apple almost immediately.

In a nutshell what i changed was this:
previously all cookie changes were added to a queue to update the interface. so you can imagine if say 100 cookie changes occured – each change would update the ui sequentially. and you would see the spinner for however long it would take Cookie to update the interface 100x!
This was a big mistake of mine (long ago) and i hadn’t looked at that particular block of code for a while.

So, now when a change occurs, i destroy all previous updates in the queue, so that there is a maximum of only ever 1 update waiting in the queue (the newest one) + plus the update currently occurring. This basically cuts out all the useless/uneeded updates and just gives the current state of cookies on disk. Which is what we really want.

you can get Cookie v 5.0.10 from the Mac App Store, and the SweetP servers now.


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Cookie v5.0.9 available now!

So I uploaded Cookie5 to Apple for review this morning thinking it would be a few days before it gets reviewed….. well here it is less than 12hours later!

The App Review process is definitely improving.

Cookie v5.0.9 is available now:
Cookie5 in the Mac App Store
Cookie5 direct from SweetP Productions
it includes the following changes and fixes:

  • New
  • remove data when computer wakes from sleep
  • whitelisted cookie indicator column
  • option to remove Zoom levels for Chrome browsers
  • Vivaldi Typed History now removed along with History
  • tooltips for table column icons
  • Changed
  • added a 2s delay to cleaning schedule at login
  • Fixed
  • menu availability when trying to whitelist data which is not a Cookie
  • cookie counts when whitelisted cookies are present
  • a rare crash
  • Misc
  • localization fixes


on another note, Ive just downloaded the dev build of Sierra, so hopefully soon ill find some time to install it and see if theres any breaking changes.

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Cookie Beta v5.0.8.7

I have a new beta available:
SweetP Productions Support thread

it includes the following fixes, and will become v5.0.9 assuming no glaring bugs are discovered.

  • Vivaldi Typed History now removed along with History
  • tooltips for table column icons
  • localization fixes

Hopefully the tooltips will provide users with(minimal) but useful indicators for some of the more abstract table columns in Cookie. (the columns only displaying icons).
I also added support for removing Vivaldi’s “Typed History” – what a security issue that one was! it wasn’t easy, as the data was stored in a (seemingly obscure) database format… but it should be cleared along side Vivaldi’s regular history now. *note this only works when Vivaldi is closed – as the database is locked while open.


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New Cookie5 Beta v5.0.8.6

Ive just uploaded a new beta to my servers:

it includes a fix for a rare crash, and also a new option in settings for Chrome/Chromium to remove per site Zoom settings.

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bitcoin payment support

I have re-added bitcoin payment support (courtesy of Stripe)
and have also enabled jcb, diners club and discovery cards as supported payment types.

and don’t forget that all bitcoin purchases can use the coupon code:
for a 20% discount!

heres the link to the SweetP Store:


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