Hey guys,

Ive just released Cookie5 on the Mac App Store, and in my own store.
its on sale now for $7.99 for a short time, to allow everyone time to upgrade before putting the price back to the normal $14.99.

Ive done it this way, as the Mac App Store doesn’t have an upgrade pricing option…

Cookie5 is a large update (hence the upgrade fee), and will require a little work to upgrade…. Cookie 5 is a FREE upgrade for those of you who purchased after Dec 1 2015. for those of you who purchased a trial version, ill be sending out updated licenses over the next couple of days. For those who purchased on the Mac App Store, please get in contact with you purchase details, and we’ll figure out a way to upgrade you. (sorry MAS customers, but once again, the MAS is seriously lacking in upgrade support)

what you will need to do to ensure a smooth upgrade is:
1. Export your favourites – you do this by (right-clicking in any of the cookies tabs to reveal the contextual menu, and selecting “Export Favourites”)
2. When running through the setup of Cookie5, on the “Choose Favorites” tab select the “Import” button, and import the file saved in step 1.

Cookie5 was virtually a complete rewrite over the past 8 months and includes the following improvements:

  • Cookie5 is El Capitan only!!
  • sandboxed for your security (…although the initial permissions dialogs may be annoying…)
  • All Browsers are now configurable individually (this means complete customisation for removal options including the timer)
  • new updated UI
  • new default combined view containing all cookie types (cookies/databases/Flash/Silverlight – the old Cookie4 style layout is available from the “General” tab in Preferences
  • New Preferences window
  • new option to run Cookie in headless mode from “Advanced” tab in Preferences
  • new option to flag individual cookies as favourites (available in the “General” Preferences tab)
  • Full screen support
  • many other improvements i have forgotten to mention
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Xliff Editor v1.1.1 update

Hey guys,
v 1.1.1 of Xliff Editor is now available on the Mac App Store.
I discovered a bug in my code for changing the Target Language of Xliff Files, and have now fixed this. I have also added support for the tag, so those of you with Xliff Files which include these tags, will now be able to edit the Target string.

I have many improvements planned, and after the release of Cookie 5, will have more time available to work on some of these.

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Cookie 5.0n

Some more minor Cookie5 UI changes,

Cookie v5.0n (

  • Fixed an issue with Websites view not updating
  • Really fixed Safari Search History removal
  • Ui tweaks
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Cookie v5.0m ( – Release Candidate!!!

I think Cookie5 is stable enough now for release. I’ll just wait a few days for feedback, please let me know if any serious bugs are found. All new features will go in v5.1. The update is available here as always.

There is a small gotcha with the latest update all beta testers need to be aware of. Flash favourites have been rewritten, and will need to be unselected, re-selected!

And of course, heres the list of fixes/improvements/changes:

  • Fixed an issue where Removal tab was drawn incorrectly on first run
  • Fixed issue with incorrect tabs showing on first run
  • Fixed “jumping” of tabs when toggling between combined/non-combined favs view
  • Fixed expansion state of favorites when changing tabs/toggling favorites
  • Fixed Opera Flash cookies
  • Fixed an issue with favorites on All tab from disabled Browsers
  • Fixed an issue with domain tracking cookie count only being colored if domain is favorited
  • Fixed an issue with removal of Safari Search History
  • Added a warning dialog when removing permissions from Advanced tab
  • Reworded preference “Display Favorites on Separate tabs” to “Manage Cookie types separately”

Thanks to all the people who provided feedback!

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Updates! Xliff Editor v1.1, and USBClean v1.2

Hi guys,
I’ve released a couple of minor updates for two of my apps:
Xliff Editor

Xliff Editor $4.99
does exactly what the name implies, and allows you to easily edit XLIFF files without having to get your hands dirty in XML. v1 was built with the Xcode format in mind, and the latest v1.1 update focuses on adding wider support for the XLIFF v1.2 spec. Heres the full list of improvements:

  • improved XLIFF v1.2 support
  • support for files containg CDATA
  • better error handling
  • ui tweaks

USBClean 99c
also appropriately named (i think), USBClean removes all junk and ghost files from your external USB drives. Particularly useful for those of us that need to share files with Windows users!

  • removed limitation to only parse volumes of certain type
  • small ui tweaks

both apps are currently only available in the Mac App Store.

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New Cookie5 beta version 5.0l (

Hey guys,

heres a new beta:
Cookie v5.0l (
Its quite a big update, with many changes:

  • NEW default option grouping all Favorites into one tab. (Cookie4 style layout still available in Preferences as option “Display Favorites on Separate tabs”, also Toolbar can be customised exactly to your liking)
  • changed wording of Browser Extensions Preference to make it more clear what it does
  • disabled Remove button when selecting Browser Extensions and “Never remove Browser Extensions” is selected in Preferences
  • reshuffled Preferences, added a warning onto Advanced tab
  • added an option to remove all Sandbox permissions on Advanced Preferences Tab
  • updated Copyright
  • ui tweaks
  • code optimisations
  • UI responsiveness improvements for certain situations
  • added support for Cookie4 file import! with the following *restrictions:
  • *no support for Browser specific favs (all Browser favs are grouped and applied to all Browsers)
  • *no support for import of Browser Extension favorites

please let me know if you find any bugs, Any new features will be added into Cookie v5.1!
Im just looking at making sure its stable now.

same as before, the update is available for all current beta users, by updating through preferences, making sure to check on the Beta release channel. for any new beta testers, you can grab Cookie v5.0k from here.

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Cookie v5.0k (beta version)

so today was a relatively productive day and I ended up releasing two beta versions 5.0j & 5.0k.

the consolidated list of changes is here:

  • Chrome/Chromium profile icons
  • fixed browser selection jumping on Removal tab
  • updated font in About panel
  • made remove button consistent accross all tabs
  • fixed display of nonfav cookies/datbases not on disk (when sub-domain favoriting is enabled)

the update is available for all current beta users, by updating through preferences, making sure to check on the Beta release channel. for any new beta testers, you can grab Cookie v5.0k from here.

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another Cookie Beta v5.0i

Cookie v5.0i is a small update to fix the issue of Browser selection changing sporadically.

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new Cookie beta v5.0h

Here is the latest Cookie beta v5.0h (
You will need to delete your favourites file after installing beta 5.0h, as Cookie will most likely crash when it attempts to relaunch
the favourites file is located here:
~/Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/Data/Library/Application Support/Cookie5/Favorites.plist

Heres whats changed:

  • New default option to use Cookie4 style favorites (Cookie5 style Favs can be re-enabled in Advanced Preferences using the “Enable sub-domain Favoriting”)
  • New toolbar icons
  • New licensing window
  • Moved “Run Setup” and “Reset All Warnings buttons to Preferences window
  • Changed Preferences reorganised
  • fixed Safari Timer setting
  • fixed Silverlight display
  • fixed an issue with Opera favorites
  • fixed Chrome/Chromium/Opera cookie contents now correctly displayed as being encrypted
  • improved code optimisation
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WiFiSpoof 2.2.5 update

hey guys,

Ive just released a minor update to WiFiSpoof. Since updating my site to using the secure https protocol which is required by El Capitan, all my apps now also need to be updated to check for updates at the new secure appcast. On systems prior to El Capitan this isn’t really an issue, but El Cap users may need to download the update manually to receive further updates.

as always you can get WiFiSpoof, here or here.

Also, after I get Cookie5 released, ill give WifiSpoof more attention, and add some requested features.

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