Cookie v4.5.4

Here is the latest round of bug fixes for Cookie on El Capitan. This latest release fixes the following:

  • potential crash on computer shutdown
  • crash related to History/Pinned sites

I recommend everyone upgrades asap. as usual you can gran the update from the SweetP Productions – Cookie in the Mac App Store or my own SweetP Productions – Cookie 4.5.4.

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SweetP Productions SSL

I have just enabled SSL on SweetP Productions, so now all traffic between users and my server is encrypted for added piece of mind. This means that as well as all website visits, any updates and version checking (for trial versions) will all be carried out via HTTPS. There should be no noticeable differences for end users, but now all transmissions will be secure.


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Cookie 5 beta

So I’ve spent the last 6months working like crazy on Cookie 5, and I finally now have a beta version ready, you can read more about it, and download it from the following link to my support forums:
Cookie 5 beta link

the more feedback i get, the more stable the release will be, so please take it for a spin and let me know any bugs you all may find.

This will be the first payed upgrade for Cookie, and all Beta testers will of course receive a free license.


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Cookie 5

Hey Guys,
A little news on happenings here.

On Thursday I arrived here in Germany to spend the xmas. It was a 30 hour flight from Australia, and I have just caught up with the support emails i received whilst in transit. This is my first Northern hemisphere winter, and im looking forward to seeing the differences to the Australian/New Zealand version of Xmas im used to.

Cookie 5 is coming, and I have finalised everything i want to have in the first release. I have one small bug i want to fix before i create a beta version for testing. Hopefully I’ll get myself organised and get this done this week. Heres a little sneak peak:

Cookie 5

Cookie 5 provides a much needed facelift to Cookie, and finally provides a more consistent cookie/database/flash/silverlight management interface. Ill go into more depth when I officially release.

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Xliff Editor

hey guys,

I had a need recently for a localisation tool, and took a look around for an app to edit the new XLIFF format created by Xcode. I purchased an app and found it was lacking in certain areas, so rather than spend any more money, I decided to create my own editor. I decided to share it and have uploaded it to the Mac App Store.

Xliff Editor Icon

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Cookie v4.5.3

Cookie v4.5.3 is available now at my site, and on the Cookie in the Mac App Store. I recommend that everyone update as soon as possible, and especially those that are on using El Capitan, as this update provides important stability improvements.

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Cookie v4.5.2

Cookie v4.5.2 is available now on both the Mac App Store, and in the SweetP Store.

I recommend everyone updates as soon as possible. Especially El Capitan users, as this version fixes a serious crash introduced into v4.5.1.

Cookie 4.5.2 also now restores full functionality on El Capitan. Live Cookie removal has been re-enabled, and corruption issues have also been fixed.


now back to work on v5!

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Cookie v4.5

well, here is my next instalment in the El Capitan compatiability saga….
This is the best i can manage so far.
Live cookie removal should be working again.

however there is a known bug, some cookie data can become corrupted, I am still looking for a solution to this…

Ive been working on this non-stop now for 4months…. and its tiring…. to say the least. I even have a new version v5 waiting for release which greatly improves the UI in Cookie – but i won’t release until i sort out the El Cap cookie drama.


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USBClean v1.1

USBClean Icon

I have updated USBClean for El Capitan and given it a refreshed Icon, and User Interface.

It is available exclusively on the Mac App Store, and is only 99c!

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Cookie v4.4.2

Cookie v4.4.2 is available now, with the following minor fixes:

  • Safari pinned sites are now retained
  • fixed some licensing issues

as always, it is available from here:
Mac App Store

Also,in more exciting news – v4.5 is under development now, and will restore some function to Cookie on El Capitan. it should be ready in 2-3 weeks.


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