Cookie 5.1.2

Cookie v5.1.2 is now available in the Mac App Store and from my servers. It is an important update as it provides better Safari 10 support, improved Safari Technology Preview support as well as some crash fixes.

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Cookie beta v5.1.1.2 + support email fix

I have a new beta update available for Cookie which attempts to fix some annoying crashes. it is available via the “Check for Updates” menu item in the Help menu, or via direct download from here:

Ive also fixed an issue with email notifications and new signup emails not being delivered from the support forum.

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new Cookie beta, v5.1.1.1

Ive just uploaded Cookie v5.1.1.1 beta, which adds better support for Safari 10, and Safari Technology Preview, and also fixes some errors with Safari TP.

as always, its located here:

or you can update via the Beta channel in Preferences (not available for MAS users)

Im a little behind schedule on this, as I got caught up in adding Apple Pay support to my Store, and other day-to-day boring business jobs… please let me know if you find any bugs. you can get a hold of me via Twitter, the Support forums, or ideally just send me an email.


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Apple Pay support!

Ive just finished adding Apple Pay support to my Store, so now if your *browser/device supports it you will see the option to securely pay via Touch ID.

*You need to be running Safari on MacOS Sierra or iOS 10.

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Cookie v5.1.1 update

Ie just released a minor macOS Sierra compatibility update for Cookie5. It is available now in the Mac App Store, and via the “Check for Updates” manu item in the Store version.

heres the full changelog:

  • recompiled on MacOS Sierra
  • fixed a ui bug on macOS Sierra
  • localization corrections


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Xliff Editor updated

Ive just updated Xliff Editor to version 1.3.
Its a relatively minor update, but many will find it useful.
First of all, there was a render issue on macOS Sierra which has been fixed. I also came across the need to do case-sensitive searches whilst editing some translations. So my pain is your gain… Ive added an option to perform case-sensitive searches! Also new is a new Preferences window, where you will find the new setting as well as social media links, and a link back to my site.

you can find the update in the Mac App Store

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Cookie Beta v5.1.0.1

Ive just uploaded a new Beta, theres no new features, just a small cosmetic upgrade for Sierra. The Tracking Cookies/Browser Extension/Whitelist indicators previously dint fit into the column – now they do! hah… not so exciting, but important none the less. I also fixed a whole lot of compilation warnings on Xcode8.

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New iPhone friendly Site theme

So, Ive been meaning to do this for a while now… and finally found the time (and patience) to dig in and get it done.

I think the new theme is much more modern, and I’ve gone with a more minimalist approach trying to make the focus of the site the content.

It took around a week, as I don’t use any templates, and needed to hand code everything. It wasn’t too painful as I have set up all the relevant themes with valid markup, so it was just a matter of playing with the css files. I actually needed to apply the theme in 5 different places, as my site uses a combination of regular html5, a WordPress blog, a MYBB forum, and the Rails5 store + admin.

So while it wasn’t extremely difficult, it was time consuming as I had to migrate code between the various implementations and make sure all the dependencies were covered. Specific css overrides were needed in each seperate implementation also, to get a consistent look on all platforms.

I still need to update the changelog css… I’ll get this done over the next day or 2.

I tested everything locally using AMPPS before uploading, so everything should be working… but… please let me know if something doesn’t look right, or if I’ve broken something!


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Server migration

SweetPProductions is migrating to a new faster server later today, hopefully the site won’t be affected too much.

My apologies in advance if anyone experiences issues.

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Cookie updated to v5.1

Hi guys,

Cookie v5.1 has been released on the Mac App Store, and on my own servers.

I decided to give it the v5.1 version number, as I feel that while not a lot has “seemingly” changed, there are enough changes to warrant to new version number. For instance, I have integrated the license window (SweetP Store version) and the About window (both the MAS, and my Store) into the Preferences window. This drastically cuts down on window bloat consolidating everything in one place, and making the UI much cleaner. Also Ive worked hard to fix a long standing bug where all favorites could potentially be deleted – this proved to be very hard to track down (as I couldn’t reproduce it at all). Ive also included some performance optimisations, which should make Cookie more responsive, and less prone to beach-balls.

Here is the complete list of changes

  • tweaked Preferences Window
  • integrated About menu into Preferences
  • performance optimizations
  • fix an issue with favorites
  • Sparkle updated

If you find Cookie useful, please let your friends know about it, and don’t forget to leave a review on the Mac App Store – as this is what keeps development moving forward.

If you find bugs, or have suggestions for improvements, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, email or best of all the support forums.

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