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ColorWell Updates (Download)


  • swatches weren't correctly loading in History for today (when less than 20 items) - thats fixed now


  • History now also shows the swatches which were loaded at time of save
  • fixed history date order


  • fixed some issues with some settings not taking effect until a restart of ColorWell


  • fixed some macOS Mojave Dark Mode ui glitches
  • fixed an issue with the helper app
  • Notarized by Apple
  • Updated Sparkle


  • NEW
  • complete UI refresh
  • Unlimited color swatches now available
  • Swatches can be reordered/removed by drag and drop
  • New contextual menu to clear all swatches
  • New Swatches can be added directly from the colorPicker by drag and drop
  • All color changes to the main color or any of the swatches are now saved to history and can be restored via the history menu
  • Palettes are now synchronised to Apple system palettes!
  • All palettes are now available systemwide for use in any app which uses the macOS colorPicker
  • It is now possible to Import and Export Adobe .ase & Apple .clr files
  • New icons and improved table insert and remove animations in Palettes table
  • It is possible now to add/replace Color Scheme Palettes or Image drop Palettes to the swatches in the main view via contextual menu from the Generator view
  • Color selection for image drops
  • It is now possible to hide the image drag and drop panel in the gernerator view
  • more tooltips in various key locations in the application
  • Fixed naming of palettes
  • Textfield focus is now fixed when window becomes active


  • fixed a small drawing error in the code view
  • fixed an issue where clicking in the About Preferences tab could change the active color
  • fix for ColorPicker opening with Preferences window


  • it is now possible to search and choose by color name
  • fixed some minor rendering issues


  • fixed a small issue with the Names last updated string


  • added a preference pane to update Color names database
  • added a button to open preferences in the main window
  • fixed a potential crash
  • fixed a potential issue with color changing when opening preferences
  • some localization corrections


  • fixed a spelling mistake
  • updated colorNames database


  • fixed a potential crash
  • fixed a potential issue with saved colors being slightly different
  • fixed a potential issue with colorspace changing
  • fixed a potential issue with button colors
  • fixed a layout issue on macOS El Capitan (10.11.6)
  • updated colorNames database


  • updated color Names database


  • updated color Names database
  • removed some redundant code
  • reduced app size


  • direct drag and drop of images into Tool view is now supported
  • generated palettes from drag and drop now better reflect image composition
  • buttons on Pallete view are now more obvious
  • removed the leading space from color names
  • fixed some compilation errors


  • The names lookup has been totally re-written for huge memory improvements


  • German localization, thanks Alexander Frisch


  • ColorWell can now optionally display color names
  • We've fixed the sorting order of Palettes in the Palettes window
  • When changing a Palette name previously, the selected Palette could potentially be hidden, this is now fixed
  • We fixed the text color when editing Palette names in the Palettes window
  • And finally, we remove all Facebook links...


  • fixed a potential crash when the Palette generator window is open, the ColorPicker is set to the Grayscale slider and the brightness is adjusted in the Picker
  • corrected some translation issues


  • We've added an option to convert to CIELAB and CMYK color models
  • It is now also possible to select exactly which color models you wish to display
  • The main UI has been improved
  • There are now options to generate color palettes from the Palette Generator window. These color combinations include Complementary, Split Complementary, Analagous, Triadic, Tetradic, Monochromatic


  • We've added the option to select the ColorSpace in Preferences
  • There's a new option to choose between HSL or HSB values
  • We also fixed an issue with generating slightly off color values
  • We also added a tooltip to the drag button


  • initial trial release
  • Only 8 color drop zones was a little limiting... now you can store unlimited colors in the new Palettes window!
  • We've also added a new Palette Generator window so you can drag and drop any image(s) to create a color palette
  • We made the main window more intuitive by adding small indictators to the Hex/RGB/HSL panels. so know you know exactly what each value represents
  • We also added an option in preferences to restore the default colors


  • Keeping ColorWell floating above other apps would need to be reset every launch... whoops... we've fixed this


  • clicking the open button, will now bring ColorWell to the front if it's not already


  • fixed swift code generation


  • added 8 color swatches
  • more UI improvements
  • more accurate NSColor/UIColor sytax
  • removed redundant float values
  • fixed calculating values from hex string


  • new option to stay floating above other windows
  • added NSColor and UIColor output options
  • UI improvements
  • fixed an issue with incorrect color calculations
  • preferences window now remembers last open tab
  • last open color now correctly reloaded


  • french localization - thanks Denis Marques
  • updated copyright


  • fixed dark menubar menu icon
  • fixed issue with ghost window appearing
  • added preference to hide at login


  • macOS 10.11+
  • new Preferences window
  • can now be run as a stand-alone app
  • fixed an issue with hex value not updating


  • fixed error when manually entering HEX values longer than 3 characters
  • removed version number from main window


  • new icon
  • fixed a crash


  • Yosemite+ only
  • UI refresh
  • global hotkey now toggles visibility
  • added support links
  • updated copyright
  • fixed a potential crash


  • fixed initial ColorWell draw error on el Capitan


  • fixed keyCombo
  • fixed open from spotlight


  • New User Interface
  • various usability improvements
  • fixed HSL issues


  • Initial Release