Cookie 5

Cookie v.5.1.3 history

More privacy, better browsing

Tired of targeted ads that mysteriously know what products you've been shopping for online? Eliminate them with Cookie 5.

macOS 10.11+ required (Sierra recommended)


Privatus v.4.1 history

Automated privacy protection!

Securely remove all privacy threats from your Mac, automatically when you quit your browser.

macOS 10.10+ required (El Capitan recommended)


WiFiSpoof v.2.3.3 history

Network security testing

Quickly and easily change your MAC address via HotKey, or the System MenuBar.

macOS 10.9+ required (El Capitan recommended)

More Awesome Apps

Check out some of our other Awesome apps!

eMail Address Extractor
Xliff Editor
ScreenSaver Start
eMail Address Extractor

eMail Address Extractor v.1.9.6 history

Extract valid eMail's from virtually any kind of *text file

No configuration required, it just works! Select your file format, then Drop data files onto eMail Address Extractor to quickly produce a non-duplicate list of all valid email addresses.

macOS 10.7.5+ required (El Capitan recommended)

*OCR data retrieval is not currently supported.

  • eMail Address Extractor screenshot
  • eMail Address Extractor preferences
  • eMail Address Extractor  - Notification Center

Invisible v.1.6.3 history

Keeping your files hidden couldn't be any easier

The quickest way to keep personal documents away from unwanted eyes. Drop files onto Invisible to instantly hide them from view, and make them visible again just as easily with the click of a button. All your private files are kept safely out of view, and password protected for even more peace of mind.

macOS 10.8+ required (El Capitan recommended)

  • Invisible screenshot
  • Invisible Adding files
  • Invisible - Preferences

Hides v.3.0.1 history

Boost your productivity with Hides!

Effortlessly clear your desktop in one quick keystroke to quickly hide sensitive information, and quickly enable Single App Mode for a distraction free work environment.

macOS 10.10+ required (El Capitan recommended)

  • Hides screenshot
Xliff Editor

Xliff Editor v.1.4

Xcode localisation made easy!

Xliff Editor provides the easiest way of editing your XLIFF files. No more messing around with the XML format, worrying about file corruption. And you can forget about remembering to save, as every change you make is automatically saved for you.

macOS 10.11+ required

Available exclusively on the Mac App Store

  • XLiff Editor screenshot
  • XLiff Editor search
  • XLiff Editor language edit
  • Download Hides on the Mac App Store

Roster v.1.3

Advanced name generator

A handy tool for novelists or soon to be parents! Easily generate random (or not so random) lists of names for fictional characters or cute babies.

macOS 10.10+ required (El Capitan recommended)

Available exclusively on the Mac App Store

  • Roster screenshot
  • Download Roster on the Mac App Store
ScreenSaver Start

ScreenSaver Start v.3.0

Quickly activate your Screen Saver

Keep prying eyes away from sensitive information... With a quick tap on the keyboard, everything, is quickly hidden from view.

macOS 10.10+ required (El Capitan recommended)

Available exclusively on the Mac App Store

  • ScreenSaver Start screenshot
  • Download ScreenSaver Start on the Mac App Store

ColorWell v.3.1.1

Color Picker Toolbox

A handy tool for any serious web/game developers!

macOS 10.10+ required (El Capitan recommended)

Available exclusively on the Mac App Store

  • ColorWell screenshot
  • Download ColorWell on the Mac App Store

USBclean v.1.3

Keep your thumb drives free from annoying junk files!

Quickly and easily remove all those pesky junk and ghost files from your external USB drives.

macOS 10.10+ required (El Capitan recommended)

Available exclusively on the Mac App Store

  • USBclean screenshot
  • USBclean preferences
  • USBclean log file
  • Download USBclean on the Mac App Store

DesktopUtility v.2.2

Quick access to useful system tasks

Hide your desktop, toggle file visibility, show the User Library, force empty the trash, or restart the Finder/Dock/Menubar easily and conveniently from the system menu bar.

macOS 10.10+ required (El Capitan recommended)

Need DesktopUtility for older Operating Systems?

  • DesktopUtility screenshot

SessionRestore v.8.0.3 history

Advanced Safari session management

Save and restore previous Safari Sessions

Safari 9+ recommended

  • SessionRestore screenshot
  • SessionRestore Session screenshot
  • SessionRestore Export screenshot

Cookie or Privatus

Which Cookie manager do I need?


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