SweetP Productions

Xliff Editor Updates (Download)


  • macOs Mojave Dark Mode theme


  • localization corrections


  • added support for opening files in tabs instead of windows (macOS 10.12+ only)


  • German localization, many thanks Alexander Frisch
  • removed Facebook links


  • added an option for removing trailing/leading whitespace when opening files
  • updated copyright
  • 2.0.6

  • new Trial Version
  • fixed a threading issue
  • 2.0.5

  • fixed a rare crash
  • 2.0.4

    • we've fixed an issue with with the titlebar on High Sierra
    • the progress indicator would just keep on spinning if there were no strings to translate.... we've fixed that


    • we've fixed an issue with some files not being able to be saved/duplicated
    • we also fixed an annoying bug of generating corrupt Xliff files
    • we now handle large files better


    • fixed an issue with parsing '&' characters


    • fixed an issue where alt-trans nodes would be incorrectly editable


    • inline tag protection
    • added support for alt-trans within segs
    • segs should now be correctly ordered
    • segs with inline tags should now be displayed correctly
    • improved highlightling for user generated inline tags
    • added cell padding for improved readability
    • segs and alt-trans indent is now larger for improved readabilty
    • expand/collapse menuitems now only show if available
    • fixed clipping of search results
    • fixed initial display of searchfield
    • fixed a potential crash
    • fixed edited/totals count
    • memory improvements


    • new option to "flatten" internal files and display as single file
    • fixed some issues with Undo
    • fixed some issues with column sorting
    • fixed some memory leaks


    • new fuzzy search option in preferences
    • fixed case sensitive search highlighting
    • fixed a crash when untranslated unicode symbols are contained in file


    • file list now shows (unedited strings / total strings)
    • spell checking support
    • inline tags are now hidden unless there are multiple unnested tags in a string
    • added contextual menus for expanding/collapsing all nodes in file
    • added copy/select all to contextual menu
    • added a preference to disable Note editing
    • better support for alt-trans and seg-source
    • read support for sdlxliff files
    • preferences window tweaks
    • fixed an issue with not reading/saving sub-languages
    • fixed note search
    • fixed some editing issues
    • fixed some crashes


    • fixed double-click to enter edit


    • support for <seg-source> nodes
    • better support for <alt-trans> nodes
    • notes are now editable
    • option to auto expand all segments and alternate translations on load
    • better tabbing behaviour
    • search now correctly highlights all occurances in string
    • inline tags colored for better readability
    • context menu shortcut to copy source to target
    • context menu shortcut to copy alt-trans to target
    • updated copyright
    • fixed rare crash
    • localization corrections


    • french localization fixes
    • updated copyright


    • french localization thanks Denis Marques


    • fixed an issue with populating source/target languages
    • fixed an issue with creating zero byte files


    • documents now correctly show edited status
    • fixed revert to saved document
    • can now only (correctly) select but not edit source strings
    • undo support for changing target language
    • undo support for changing target strings
    • can now choose to search original, translation, notes or all
    • better tabbing support
    • fixed links in About panel
    • fixed an issue with populating target language menu


    • added rattings button into File menu


    • AutoSave is now optional, you can enable it in Preferences


    • better xliff v1.2 compatiability
    • better support for display of notes
    • fixed an error with incorrectly adding whitespace
    • fixed an error saving some target strings


    • fixed window render error on MacOS Sierra
    • new Preferences window
    • new option to perform Case-Sensitive searching


    • fixed highlighting behaviour when searching


    • multiple file support
    • fixed display of some encoded strings


    • fixed row jump when changing target strings


    • fixed a problem with potentially displaying strings multiple times
    • fixed an error with updating translations
    • fixed a potential crash


    • better support for <alt-trans> tags
    • fixed changing of Target Language
    • added support email link in Help menu


    • improved XLIFF v1.2 support
    • support for files containg CDATA
    • better error handling
    • ui tweaks


    • Initial Release