SweetP Productions

Cookie Updates (Download)


  • fixed an issue with the window menu


  • fixed a potential issue with menu availability
  • updated copyright


  • Safari 10 support


  • fixed an issue with .shm and .wal files


  • fixed some timer issues


  • addded support links
  • updated copyright
  • added a Cookie5 upgrade notification


  • fixed a potential crash on shutdown
  • fixed a potential crash related to Pinned Sites


  • Stability improvements on OSX 10.11.1


  • fixed a crash on El Capitan


  • fixed El Capitan cookie removal
  • slight UI tweaks


  • El Capitan fixes


  • Safari pinned sites are now retained
  • fixed some licensing issues


  • minor UI fixes on OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9
  • fixed menubar display on El Capitan


  • initial El Capitan support
  • fixed crash when exporting
  • fixed a potential crash
  • fixed naming of Chrome Extension Databases
  • localization fixes


  • fixed an issue with importing and special characters
  • fixed opera cookies export/import
  • fixed tracking cookie definition export/import
  • fixed some localisation strings
  • fixed a rare crash


  • fixed a potential cookie display error
  • fixed an issue with IndedxedDB favorites
  • fixed an error with tracking cookies potentially not being removed via timer
  • fixed an error with some domains incorrectly showing "www"
  • removed some redundant code
  • small UI fixes


  • fixed a crash related to removal of browser extensions
  • fixed some localization issues


  • fixed some rare crashes
  • fixed remove non favorite databases button availability
  • fixed remove non favorite flash button availability
  • fixed some ui errors with modal windows
  • fixed some ui inconsistencies/usability concerns


  • fixed the timer
  • fixed a potential crash when removing Safari cache whilst browser is open
  • fixed Safari cache removal
  • fixed display of Silverlight cookies
  • fixed removal of Safari History


  • Re-added option to Remove on Quit
  • Better feedback while Data is being removed (10.9+)
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed Remove All UnWanted Data button (Preferences Tab)
  • Fixed non-removal of some data
  • Fixed display of Browser Access overlay
  • Fixed potential loss of Whitelist/Blacklist cookies
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed Remove on Quit
  • Code cleanup


  • perfomance improvements
  • memory improvements
  • menu responsiveness improvements
  • better parsing of cookie/databases domain names
  • fixed non favourite cookie count when blacklist/whitelisted cookies are present
  • fixed databases non favourite count when "Treat all Browser Extensions as Favourites" is checked"
  • fixed an issue with Databases in non-english versions
  • fixed favouriting of Chrome/Chromium Browser Extensions
  • fixed a potential crash when upgrading from an older version of Cookie
  • fixed cookie count in French localization
  • fixed some miscellaneous crashes
  • removed option to clear data when Cookie Quits


  • fixed crashing on Snow Leopard
  • fixed manual database removal


  • fixed crashes from v4.0
  • performance improvements
  • added contextual menu item to reveal database in Finder
  • support for indexedDB's
  • Firefox permissions.sqlite file is no longer removed
  • fixed favouriting Chrome/Chromium databases
  • fixed potential loss of Chrome/Chromium Flash favourites
  • fixed potential loss of silverlight favourites
  • fixed Advanced Cookie Definitions menu text


  • Advanced Cookie Definitions window tweaks
  • Localization fixes
  • fixed dynamic updating of Chrome/Chromium Flash cookies
  • fixed crash in Database tab


  • fixed removal of HSTS supercookies and cache in Firefox,Chrome,Chromium,Opera (HSTS now cleared when cache is cleared) **Computer needs to be restarted for HSTS to be reset in Safari** http://www.radicalresearch.co.uk/lab/hstssupercookies/
  • fixed Safari cache removal
  • Safari TopSites history now correctly removed
  • updated copyright


  • New setup wizard
  • cleaned up license window
  • removed smart import
  • fixed "Edit Whitelist" button
  • various localised ui fixes


  • fixed tearing in Favourites panel on Yosemite
  • removed Search highlight


  • fixed remove all Chrome data menu button
  • fixed Hide window at login
  • fixed menu availablibilty at launch


  • fixed potential loss of FireFox bookmarks


  • fixed recent searches removal
  • fixed cache removal
  • fixed window potentially opening at login
  • fixed firefox history removal


  • new icon
  • ui tweaks
  • code optimisations
  • fixed some timer issues
  • fixed cache menu availability
  • fixed command-tab behaviour
  • fixed command-A behaviour
  • fixed a potential crash
  • fixed dark menubar icon on Yosemite
  • fixed a memory leak


  • fixed command-U
  • fixed favicon removal
  • better Remove All Non Favourites Button validation
  • updated SQLite to v3.8.6


  • fixed Command-H, Command-W, Command-Q behaviour
  • fixed hotkey's
  • fixed window closing behaviour
  • fixed cache menu availablility
  • fixed Remove All UnWanted Data menu availability
  • fixed removal of Safari Cache
  • fixed Chrome issues
  • Yosemite support


  • fixed Timer menu setting


  • fixed crash introduced in v3.1
  • fixed display of Flash/Databases
  • fixed Timer settings
  • fixed settings in First Run view
  • fixed Chrome/Chromium import
  • fixed removal of all data from Preferences
  • fixed menu availability
  • improved speed/memory/CPU usage
  • improved menu display (if a browser is currently active, removal options will now show for that browser)


  • Timer fixes
  • fixed display of favorite Databases/Flash and Silverlight not on disk
  • fixed display of Chrome Databases
  • fixed import of Chrome/Chromium favorites
  • memory/cpu usage improvements
  • various other fixes in non-English ui


  • Fixed: Snow Leopard related fixes
  • Improved: CPU Improvements/optimisations
  • Updated: SQLite to v3.8.5


  • fixed: Remove all Data button
  • fixed: removal of browser cookies on quit when browser is not selected on Cookie tab
  • fixed: removal of Safari Cache
  • code optimisation


  • fixed: display of "file__x" localStorage cookies
  • fixed: crash when favoriting Opera Extensions
  • fixed: PPC Snow Leopard support


  • fixed: Opera thumbnail, and history removal
  • fixed: Opera Extension identification
  • improved: Browser Extension names
  • updated: SQLite to v3.8.4.3


  • FireFox Aurora support


  • fixed: menu display when wizard is open
  • fixed: miscellaneous crashes
  • fixed: copyright string
  • updated: SQLite to v3.8.3


  • New: option to secure delete data
  • New: option to clean data at Login
  • fixed: Active status, when Hide at Start is checked
  • fixed: changing timer value now updates correctly
  • fixed: UI widget placement tweaks
  • fixed: cleaned up French wizard UI
  • fixed: cleaned up erroneous console errors


  • fixed: Double icon on restart bug....
  • fixed: chrome/chromium flash
  • fixed: removal of Chrome/Chromium/Opera cache
  • fixed: column highlighting in Flash, and Silverlight views
  • fixed: Chrome user menu display
  • fixed: indent level in Silverlight view is now the same as other cookie views
  • fixed: display of menu on 10.6
  • updated: sqlite


  • fixed: licensing issue in the trial version


  • fixed: potential crash
  • fixed: Double icon on restart bug
  • fixed: French localization
  • fixed: Unnecessary console errors


  • fixed: timer issues
  • fixed: crash when clearing Opera Databases
  • fixed: window now updates cookies when becoming key


  • better cache clearing


  • fixed: 32-bit support
  • fixed: showing the Menu on launch when Dock icon is shown


  • fixed: runaway memory issues
  • updated: SQLite to v3.81


  • fixed: switching tabs with hotkeys when tabs have been rearranged
  • fixed: some restart at login issues


  • changed some icons due to trademark issues
  • fixed: memory issues
  • Opera 15+ support
  • Dynamic browser support


  • fixed: display of Timer warning


  • code optimisation
  • fixed: Firefox support on Snow Leopard
  • fixed: a potential crash in Firefox 23


  • localization fixes
  • hide Cookie at login fix


  • fixed: Chrome/Chromium non-Favs removal for mulitple users
  • updated: start at login to use modern apis
  • dock icon display now updates dynamically for 10.7+
  • fixed: Wizard favourites selection
  • fixed: Wizard remove all non-favourites button status
  • fixed: Wizard active status on first run
  • fixed: scroll positon
  • code optimisations (less saving to user defaults)
  • removed unneccesary code


  • fixed: crash when trying to remove Firefox/Camino databases with (?) in the website name
  • fixed: manual removal of databases
  • fixed: display of Firefox/Camino Databases
  • fixed: display of irregular databases
  • fixed: display, and removal of Chrome/Chromium LocalStorage journal files
  • fixed: display of Safari LocalStorage files
  • fixed: Databases column resizing
  • fixed: scroll position, and selection for all tabs
  • fixed: some compiler warnings/memory leaks
  • remove erroneous console messages


  • Brazilian Portugeuse localization fixes
  • added removal of all UnWanted Data button to Preferences tab
  • fixed: Advanced Cookie Editor window not closing, when closing main window
  • fixed: History removal (History items can now be removed independently)
  • fixed: Chromium user cookies
  • fixed: Chrome/Chromium user removal/addition
  • fixed: removal of unused Chrome/Chromium favorites when deleting user from with browser
  • fixed: sourcelist reload
  • fixed: focus of firstResponder
  • updated: SQLite to v3.7.15.2


  • Safari cache removal fix
  • fixed: display of checkboxes for individual cookies


  • updated: SQLite to v3.7.15.1
  • fixed: crash in Smart Importer
  • history removal fixes


  • Fixed Smart Import
  • Updated SQlite to v3.7.15


  • Fixed cache removal for Firefox with multiple profiles
  • fixed: some memory leaks
  • added "Smart Import" Menu-items


  • CPU usage improvements
  • Fixed potential hang when removing databases/localStorage
  • Fixed sourcelist favourites count
  • Fixed Chrome/Chromium Downloads History removal
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • SQLite/JSONKit fixes
  • Localization corrections
  • Fixed the display of the Purchase Cookie MenuItem
  • Retina graphics support
  • Added a favorites selection and non-Favorites removal into Wizard
  • Added a Smart favorites selection option into Wizard
  • ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices.QuarantineEvents is now deleted when Download History is removed. (contains history of all files ever downloaded)
  • Removed option to import favorites from Bookmarks (counter intuitive to good cookie management)


  • Fixed removal of some non-favourite/tracking cookies


  • fixed: multiple browser/user support in the whitelist/blacklist
  • added Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • updated: sqlite to version 3.7.13
  • ui tweaks in licensing window
  • localization corrections


  • Fixed an issue with the blacklist


  • French localisation by Lafaboune
  • really fixed: the disappearing Silverlight tab
  • fix for sometimes not removing cookies
  • fixed: an error message in the console when trying to favorite individual cookies
  • fixed: the remove button on the Cookies tab
  • fixed: an issue with Firefox bookmarks
  • some small optimisations
  • updated: to SQLite v.3.7.12
  • Safari's recent searches are now also removed when remove History is configured


  • fix for disappearing Window when viewing the Silverlight tab in v3.0


  • !!!updated: Cookies/Database databases. please recheck any favourites you have!!! especially the 'Databases' tab!
  • Database favourites will not be migrated to the new format.
  • Rewrote the Cookies/Databases database (any exported favorites will need to be re-exported)
  • Chrome/Chromium multiple user support
  • added Silverlight support
  • added options to remove downloads history, and form values
  • menubar icon now updates immediately when changed
  • minimum window width, is now about 20% smaller
  • browser list can now be hidden
  • sqlite database optimisations on browser quit
  • code optimisations
  • memory/speed improvements
  • code cleanup
  • small ui tweaks
  • updated: SQLite to v.3.7.11
  • changed the 'Purchase Cookie' menubar item to display 'View License' when already registered
  • fixed: an issue with whitelisted cookies potentially being deleted
  • fixed: an issue with the registration window not openeing unless the main Cookie window is open
  • fixed: an issue with the warning panels potentially being hidden, if tasks are run from the menubar
  • fixed: an issue where after an import, favorites count would not be updated
  • fixed: a ui issue in the German/Italian localizations
  • fixed: an issue with clearing Safari's history
  • fixed: an issue with clearing Chrome/Chromium's history
  • fixed: an potential issue with Firefox
  • fixed: a potential issue with removing Chrome/Chromium Cache
  • fixed: an issue with the 'Remove all UnWanted data' menubar item


  • Synchronisation with MAS build


  • fixed: a potential Flash related crash
  • ui improvements
  • menubar icon is now user selectable


  • Italian localisation
  • Icon tweaks
  • New Menubar icon


  • Deutsche Lokalisierung


  • new icon
  • fixed: about panel displaying below other open windows
  • fixed: various memory leaks
  • updated: SQLite to v3.7.10


  • Webpage Preview removal is now optional
  • fixed: an issue with removal of some cache cookies
  • fixed: an issue with Firefox Cache removal
  • fixed: an issue with 'Most Visited' sites when removing History (Chrome/Chromium)
  • fixed: an issue with 'Remove all Unwanted Data' button
  • updated: help file
  • updated: copyright notice


  • favicon removal is now optional
  • fixed: an issue with Firefox bookmarks, and history removal
  • fixed: a bug in availablilty of cache and history removal
  • page previews now removed as part of history
  • fixed: removal of Camino favicons
  • small Help file updates


  • better cache removal, and history removal support
  • Safari now also removes Web Page Previews when clearing cache
  • Safari now also removes the Last Session and Web Page Icons, for more complete history removal
  • FireFox/Camino also remove favicons when removing History
  • Firefox now also clears the last session correctly
  • Chrome/Chromium now also removes the last session and favicons
  • Updated help files, and SetUp Wizard


  • added an option to remove browser history
  • fixed: display of Camino LocalStorage databases
  • fixed: importing favorites from Firefox bookmarks
  • fixed: display of alert when removing browser cache


  • made the favorites/browser selection more intuitive
  • updated: included sqlite to v3.7.9


  • fixed: some inconsistencies in the code between MAS, and non-MAS versions
  • fixed: an imcompatiablility with Moom


  • fixed: the UnCheck selected Contextual Menu
  • fixed: scroll position when selecting favorites
  • fixed: ⌘Q behaviour when Cookie acts as a system menubar


  • fixed: a timer related memory leak


  • fixed: a crash related to Firefox databases
  • fixed: a crash related to Firefox cookies
  • fixed: an issue with removing all non-favorites
  • fixed: an issue with the Remove All non-favorite ... databases menu
  • fixed: an issue with the Remove... cache menu
  • fixed: manual addition of tracking cookie definitions
  • fixed: an issue with display of whitelisted/blacklisted cookies
  • fixed: an issue with non-Safari whitelisted/blacklisted/tracking cookies
  • better memory management
  • fixed: favorites count


  • fixed: a potential crash


  • made the Browser selection more intuitive, and added contextual menus to enable/disable
  • darkened the menu icon
  • code optimization
  • better extension support for Chrome/Chromium
  • better display of Firefox localstorage databases
  • fixed: a potential error when removing ALL non favorites
  • fixed: an error with Chrome/Chromium database favorites
  • fixed: an issue with deleting Camino localStorage databases


  • new and improved user interface
  • added in Help files
  • added ability to select which browser's will be managed (in setup wizard)
  • fixed: setting of favorite databases/flash cookies when no favorite cookies have been previously set
  • removal of Browser Cache now also removes Flash Cache folder
  • removal of Safari LocalStorage or Safari Extensions now updates StorageTracker.db


  • fixed: database removal
  • fixed: console errors when removing Flash Cookies/Databases
  • fixed: favourites selection
  • contextual menu fixes
  • better support for removal of Cache cookies


  • ui speed improvements (rewrote a LOT of background processes)
  • added a cookie whitelist/blacklist for greater control of your cookies
  • Whitelisted/Blacklisted cookies are colored blue/black respectively for easy id
  • added a button to restore default Tracking Cookie definitions
  • fixed: "remove all non favorites" button state
  • fixed: tracking cookie count
  • fixed: cookie count display
  • fix for not displaying all databases
  • fixed: memory leaks in database removal
  • fixed: display of Wizard on first launch (you can safely just skip through it if you have already configured Cookie)
  • removed option to import favorites from Bookmarks in wizard, as it is counter-productive to good cookie management
  • removed options to remove cookies in Wizard - Wizard is now used just for setting up initial preferences, and all cookie management is done in the main window
  • removed the contextual menu item 'Remove Definition' for tracking cookies, as it was unreliable. Use the Tracking Cookie Editor instead
  • updated: included SQLite to v3.7.7


  • added UnWanted cookie counts to menu
  • added a favorite definition to the Startup wizard
  • fixed: an issue with Mac Sleep, and the timer
  • fixed: some memory leaks


  • added a first-run configuration wizard
  • added an option to import favorites from browser Bookmarks
  • changed the color of the tracking cookie count in the status line on the cookies tab to red, to make it more obvious that the red colored cookies, are in fact tracking cookies. It now hides if no tracking cookies are present.
  • fixed: a bug with removing non-favorites
  • fixed: remove cache state
  • fixed: pasting into the Licensing window
  • changed some keyboard shortcuts


  • updated: tracking cookie definitions
  • added an option to clear browser cache
  • Cookie can now remove Evercookies
  • updated: Chromium icon
  • fixed: database removal
  • fixed: Dock Icon status, when MenuBar is not selected
  • fixed: error message when MenuBar is not selected


  • Initial non-MAS