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Cookie 5 Updates (Download)


  • added option to remove Firefox Site Preferences
  • added option to remove Firefox User Search Engines
  • sometimes Safari Databases would incorrectly be labeled as Browser Extension Databases - this is now fixed


  • better Safari 11 support


  • Safari 11 support
  • fixed an issue with the enable menu button not correctly updating after a computer restart


  • Improved Firefox History removal
  • Improved Chrome Other Search Engines removal
  • Notification Centre now correctly notifies when nothing was removed... rather than "."
  • fixed a rare crash


  • fixed an issue with chrome based browser Extension names
  • fixed an issue with chrome/chromium whitelisted cookies
  • fixed an issue with enabling/disabling browsers
  • fixed an issue with removing cookies when using custom toolbars


  • added an option to remove Other search engines from Chrome based browsers
  • localization corrections
  • fixed an issue with favorites import
  • fixed an issue with browser favorites import
  • fixed an issue with resetting warnings


  • hotkeys now correctly initialise when launched at login
  • fixed a crash related to Safari Technology Preview History removal


  • fixed notifications cookie removals count


  • fixed a potential crash


  • fixed an issue with the systemstatus menu not displaying until after a restart


  • fixed an issue with the systemstatus menu not displaying correctly with the dark menu bar
  • fixed a potential crash related to silverlight favorites


  • New
  • Simplified cookie management view
  • Notification Center
  • global keyboard shortcuts for some key functions
  • reorganised preferences
  • cleaned up setup window
  • browser bookmarks can now be imported as favorites
  • favorites can now be synchronized with browser bookmarks
  • global pause/enable button for automatic removals
  • updated menu icons
  • disabled menu icons
  • timer start/stop menu item to File menu
  • favorites not currently on disk now display a descriptive tooltip
  • Improved
  • performance improvements
  • handling of favorites not currently on disk
  • Fixed
  • keyboard shortcuts now correctly focus window
  • display of clear button in SearchField
  • timer menu button is now correctly disabled when Browser is disabled
  • some constraints errors
  • an issue with repopulating settings for disabled browsers
  • import of favorites
  • an issue with display of silverlight cookies
  • an issue with favorites counts not matching
  • favorites not currently on disk are now shown on "All" tab
  • favorites not currently on disk not correctly colored when highlighted
  • some issues with Silverlight favorites
  • an issue with incorrectly labeled Firefox Developer Edition databases
  • status of Remove All Unwanted menu item
  • outlineview expand/collapse animation


  • fixed an issue with Chromium cookies not being read


  • fixed an issue with potential non removal


  • fixed a silverlight removal related crash
  • localization corrections
  • updated Copyright


  • better Safari cache removal


  • Japanese translation - thanks Koichi MATSUMOTO
  • MacBook Pro TouchBar support
  • Firefox Developer Edition Support
  • fixed an issue with timer removal of tracking cookies
  • fix for potential endless permissions window loop
  • fix for not remembering menubar position


  • fixed an issue with forgetting custom toolbar setups


  • Safari 10 support
  • better Safari Technology Preview support
  • fixed some crashes


  • recompiled on MacOS Sierra
  • fixed a ui bug on macOS Sierra
  • localization corrections


  • tweaked Preferences Window
  • integrated About menu into Preferences
  • performance optimizations
  • fix an issue with favorites
  • Sparkle updated


  • fixed a spelling mistake
  • fixed an issue with favorites


  • updated Sparkle framework
  • changed window closing behaviour to be more standard
  • fixed some crashes


  • performance improvements
  • fixed a memory leak
  • fixed an error with removal of favorites under certain conditions


  • New
  • remove data when computer wakes from sleep
  • whitelisted cookie indicator column
  • option to remove Zoom levels for Chrome browsers
  • Vivaldi Typed History now removed along with History
  • tooltips for table column icons
  • Changed
  • added a 2s delay to cleaning schedule at login
  • Fixed
  • menu availability when trying to whitelist data which is not a Cookie
  • cookie counts when whitelisted cookies are present
  • a rare crash
  • Misc
  • localization fixes


  • fixed a potential crash introduced in v5.0.7


  • German localization (thanks Thomas Kruger and Dirk)
  • removed erroneous console messages
  • Cookie no longer removes Chrome zoom data
  • fix for display of Safari Technology Preview shm/wal files
  • Safari pinned icon data now removed when cache is cleared
  • improved Safari History removal
  • localization fixes
  • fixed an erorr with Cookie not noticing Chrome/Chromimium User edits
  • fixed an error with ghost favorites in Chrome after deleting a User


  • Network Action Predictor and QuotaManager files now cleared with Chrome cache
  • added support for Browser Extension ContentExtension data
  • added social media links in Help menu
  • changed sandboxing wording in first run window
  • fixed setup window potentially not showing all available browsers
  • fixed a potential crash
  • fixed over aggresive Chrome extension filters
  • fixed an issue with Safari Technology Preview incorrectly showing in Disabled Browsers


  • fixed an issue with incorrect ID of some Chrome Extensions


  • simplified sandboxing install windows
  • French Localization (thanks Michel Tribet)
  • Safari Technology Preview support
  • Vivaldi support
  • Preference window tweaks
  • Window tweaks for localized versions
  • fixed a sandboxing related crash
  • fixed a startup crash
  • fixed Opera Removal
  • fixed Firefox cache removal
  • fixed Silverlight cookie count display
  • fixed a problem with reading Chromium cookies
  • fixed an issue with Chromium database removal
  • fixed an issue with wrong cookie counts
  • fixed constant permissions requests for Microsoft folder
  • fixed potential crash when removing favourites not on disk
  • fixed unchecking of Flash global preferences file if not on disk
  • fixed focus ring on General tab of Preferences
  • fixed removal of Safari Last session Data
  • fixed removal of Safari/Firefox Last session Data
  • fixed an error with "Remove Non Favorites" button not working
  • fixed display of import button in setup window
  • fixed issue with Chrome/Chromium Extensions


  • fixed an issue with the Remove Non-Favorites button
  • fixed some issues with non removal of data
  • fixed an issue with whitelisted tracking cookies
  • fixed a crash when encountering corrupt Chrome/Chromium installs
  • fixed loading of Chrome/Chromium/Opera Extensions
  • fixed removal of Chrome/Chromium/Opera Channel IDs
  • fixed some issues with importing from Cookie4 favorite files
  • fixed contextual menus
  • fixed some timer issues
  • fixed an issue with unchecking favorites non currently on disk
  • localisation fixes


  • fixed an issue with removal of favorites not actually on your computer
  • fixed an issue with the Remove Non-Favorites button
  • fixed an issue with whitelisted tracking cookies
  • fixed some issues with importing from Cookie4 favorite files


  • fixed a crash when encountering corrupt Chrome/Chromium installs
  • localization fixes
  • fixed an issue with a purple window potentially showing!


  • Initial release