WiFiSpoof 3 Updates (Download)


  • fixed an issue with the menus not honoring the lowercase/uppercase preference
  • fixed an issue with displaying rules when not connected to any network
  • fixed an issue with unknown network rules
  • fixed a potential hang


  • fixed an issue with the login helper
  • fixed potential crash on macOS 10.13 and below
  • fixed some rendering issues in the Rules Preference tab


  • macOS Mojave Dark Mode support
  • WiFiSpoof app is now Notarized by Apple
  • Updated Sparkle


  • whoops, there was still an issue with Rules when connecting to a specific Network.... that's now fixed


  • fixed issues with Rules
  • fixed some threading issues


  • It is now possible to create global rules for unknown networks
  • A new column has been added to the Rules table to show which Rule is currently active
  • The active column has been renamed to enabled
  • Unconnected network devices are now not displayed
  • Fixed a potential issue with rules changing while editing
  • Fixed an issue where changing system language could corrupt rules


  • it is now possible to define a favorite network by it's BSSID OR SSID (name)
  • fixed some issues with naming rules
  • fixed some issues with the rules table
  • updated the vendor database


  • localization corrections
  • fixed an issue with favorite addresses not showing in the address popover


  • fixed some localization issues
  • removed Facebook links
  • all buttons in main ui now change color on hover
  • updated vendor lookup data
  • some code cleanup
  • updated fmdb


  • German localization, many thanks Alexander Frisch
  • Fixed a potential crash


  • we've fixed some issues that can occur the first time WiFiSpoof is opened
  • we also fixed an issue with the helpertool, unfortunatley you may need to re-authorise the tool :(
  • we've also fixed an error with the trial expiring early


  • fixed an issue where the helper would not be recognized (MAS version only)
  • synchrozed version number with MAS version (Store version)


  • fixed an issue where connected Network may not show on startup
  • french localization correction (trial version changed only)

  • fixed a potential connection error to the priveleged helper
  • fixed some issues with button availablility


  • fixed render issue with General Preferences tab


  • french localization - thanks Denis Marques
  • global network rules can now be configured (specific network rules will take precedence)
  • fixed an issue with the vendor database updated string
  • fixed Mac App Store link


  • added a purchase in Mac App Store button in license preference pane
  • fixed vendor database downloader showing incorrect percentage downloaded
  • updated copyright


  • Fixed an issue with the Helper app (SweetP version only - the separate MAS Helper app has also been updated for the MAS version, however the MAS current version is still only v3.0)


  • Complete rewrite
  • over-ride rules can be configured for specific networks
  • a priveleged helper is now installed so authorization only needs to be given once
  • Sandboxed
  • new more informative ui
  • new preferences
  • new Icon
  • can now enter new address as 12 character string without ":"
  • each device is now independently configured
  • easier access to device info in menus
  • can now save favorite addresses and networks
  • macOS 10.11+